Ciao, I'm Andrea!
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Currently based in Pisa, Italy

About me

Hey, my name is Andrea Iorio and I am an italian young physicist with a passion for landscape photography & coding. I'm currently based in Pisa where I'm a PhD student of Scuola Normale in the superconducting group at NEST laboratory. I'm also into web design, computer graphic and Python coding, and from time to time I make websites and other nerdy things.

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Nov 2018 - Present

PhD student

Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Interested in superconductivity, mesoscopic physics, quantum devices & quantum computation.

Research group: SQEL

Sept 2016 - Oct 2018

Master's degree

Condensed matter physics, University of Pisa

Mark: 110/110 cum laude
Thesis work: Spin-Orbit Interaction in suspended InAs nanowires, supervised by Dr. E. Strambini, Dr. F. Giazotto, Prof. S. Roddaro.

Sept 2013 - Jul 2016

Bachelor's degree

Physics, University of Pisa

Mark: 110/110 cum laude
Thesis work: The Casimir Effect, supervised by Prof. M. D'Elia.

Sept 2008 - Jul 2013

High School Diploma

Liceo Scientifico "G. Rummo", Benevento

Mark: 100/100 cum laude

Landscapes, nightscapes & more


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Everyday life

Physics & research

My PhD research is focused on the fabrication and study of nanostructures placed in supercool refrigerators under temperatures near the absolute zero. In these conditions, the weird properties of quantum mechanics can be exploited to realize sci-fi devices like quantum computers.

For specialists

I'm mainly interested in the study of superconducting devices for quantum computation. At the moment, I'm assemblying the radio-frequency cryogenic setup to perform experiments on superconducting resonators and transmon-based qubits. My daily bread consists in working on dilution refrigerators, cleanroom sessions, Pythonic programming and data analysis. If you are familiar to acronyms like EBL, GPIB, AWG,, we're speaking the same language!

Latest projects

Web design & code

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